Performance Analysis and Problem Resolution featuring Precise i3

Installing Precise i3 is the first step, and it needs to be done well. Because once we turn it loose, it will be gathering data 24x7x365, across all application tiers, giving you great visibility into the performance of your production systems.

Now comes the fun. Using the performance data that i3 gathers, we'll analyze the behavior of your application, and work with you to find and fix performance bottlenecks at their root cause. We'll make suggestions that lead to immediate improvements in the performance of your application which translates into increased user productivity and satisfaction. We'll then continue to monitor your application using i3 to make sure that things keep working well.

Our application tuning experience is broad. Using Precise i3, in combination with other specialty tools as appropriate, we offer the following application tuning services:

Packaged, and Multi-Tier Application Tuning

Application Package or Platform

Tuning Approach

PeopleSoft tuning

i3 for PeopleSoft

SAP tuning

i3 for SAP

Oracle Applications tuning

i3 for Oracle Apps

Siebel tuning

i3 for Siebel

Custom Web/J2EE/.NET application tuning

i3 for Web Applications

Technology-Specific Tuning


Tuning Approach

Oracle database tuning

Indepth for Oracle

SQL Server database tuning

Indepth for SQL Server

Sybase database tuning

Indepth for Sybase

J2EE application tuning

Indepth for J2EE

Web application tuning, client and server

Indepth for Web

Microsoft .NET tuning

Indepth for .NET

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