Precise i3 Planning and Design

Advice that works great sometimes is other times inappropriate. Case in point: "Just Do It!". Great for athletes, not so great for an i3 APM installation.

By their nature, Precise i3 APM solutions touch many different  technologies on what might be dozens (or more) servers. Proper pre-installation planning means that:

  • We'll size your i3 FocalPoint server and Performance Warehouse database appropriately for current needs and future growth
  • We'll gather all prerequisites and complete as many as possible before our time onsite
  • We'll minimize downtime of your production instances
  • We'll have all appropriate software and service packs ready to go when we arrive
  • We'll design the best i3 installation for your environment, configuring it to capture the most relevant information for your application

We'll capture your plan both in writing and graphically so there is clear understanding of what will be accomplished. Our attention to detail means a smooth and reliable implementation for you.

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