Symantec Enterprise Vault Planning and Design

Once you decide to use Enterprise Vault to take control of email, documents, and other key unstructured data, there are some details to manage. We've been there, and will help you decide what's right for you. Some of the decisions we'll walk you through include:

  • Prerequisite software and infrastructure setup: do you have the basic requirements covered?
  • How many archive servers are needed to handle all of your email and file servers? And which email and file servers are we talking about, exactly?
  • How many SQL Servers will you need?
  • High availability: to cluster, or not to cluster?
  • How much disk space will you need, and what type (NAS, SAN, etc)?
  • Classifying email, and retention categories: are all users and all documents created equal for you legally?
  • When to archive – age-based or quota-based? Journal archiving too?
  • Are we dealing with PST files? Where are they? Public folders too? OWA access?
  • How will you back this all up?
  • … and more

We'll nail all the details and produce a design spec that's ready for implementation.

Talk with one of our Enterprise Vault experts. Call us or email us today.

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