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Enterprise Vault offers industry-leading email archiving and a centralized archiving framework for information held in Microsoft Exchange, file systems, Microsoft SharePoint™ Portal Server, Instant Messages, Lotus Notes Journal Email and SMTP environments. Central to every organization is the creation and ongoing management of the archive and its contents. Enterprise Vault software is designed to deliver the capability to securely retain archived data in such a way that it can be fully exploited and then expired when it is no longer required.

Enterprise Vault delivers these benefits:

  • Allows unified indexing and searching of email messages and their attachments
  • Eliminates the headaches of PST files
  • Lowers the risk and cost of Exchange migrations
  • Saves on storage costs via compression & single-instancing
  • Defines and implements retention and expiration policies
  • Secures future accessibility regardless of application or version by
    rendering an HTML copy of all archived content including attachments
  • Flexibly stores archived content
  • Utilizes user authentication security controls

As authorized resellers of the Symantec EV product line, we can supply your software licenses and handle the software installation from start to finish. Contact us for quotes on licenses and installation services.

Learn more about Enterprise Vault's tools for Discovery and Compliance.

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